5 Great Locations for a Vacation Home

Desert scene

1. Florida

Whether it’s miles of white sand beaches you’re after or miles of perfect green golf course, Florida is a great spot for a vacation property. While there are many hot spots in FL to choose from, if you’re looking for a more family friendly beach town, look no further than Destin. Offering a spectacular emerald coastline, great restaurants, and a variety of family fun activities, you can’t go wrong choosing this Destination (pun intended).

2. Arizona

Offering breathtaking views of beautiful mountains and a desert landscape, Arizona is one hot location for a vacation home. According to a cnbc.com article, Phoenix, AZ not only has nearly perfect year-round weather, but is also one of the top golf destinations in the world. Not to mention the surrounding culture and major league training if you’re a baseball fan.

3. New Jersey

Also toping CNBC’s list of Best Cities to Buy a Vacation Home in is the “Vegas of the east”, Atlantic City, NJ. Offering the famous boardwalk, casinos, shops and affordable housing, this New Jersey town is a great option for those looking for a great time. If you’re looking for something quitter and more family friendly oriented, though, Ocean City, NJ is right nearby and offers a safer, more relaxing escape.

4. Carolinas 

Both North Carolina and South Carolina hold some great spots to check out in your search for a vacation home. Charleston, SC offers vacation goers scores of historical sights, immaculate beaches, famous golf courses, and great seafood restaurants.  Head north if you’re into family fun and deep sea fishing to Carolina Beach, NC. Here you can experience world class fishing and a famous boardwalk with seaside amusement rides and endless family fun!

5. Colorado

If you’d rather skip the beach and head for the mountains, then historic Breckenridge, Colorado may be perfect for you. Here, you can enjoy extraordinary landscapes, fresh mountain air, main street shopping and an abundance of outdoor activities. With so many fun and exciting events happening right outside your door, it’s no wonder that Breckenridge is home to a lot of part time residents as many people have vacation homes in the area.

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