Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks For You

Clara's Cubicle Prank

April Fool’s Day marks the one time of year where any and all trickery is considered fair game. While some go all out for this holiday in attempts to pull off the greatest pranks of all time, others walk on egg shells, turning on faucets slowly and smelling their toothpastes before using. Either way, prankster or not, we are all forced to play along and make the best of our holiday by laughing at ourselves and those that we know who have been fooled too. If you do decide to indulge in a trick or too, however, here are few ideas that are sure to fool your family, friends, and coworkers today


  • Jello Juice: When your kids ask for a glass of juice in the morning, surprise them by giving them glass full of jello! Get ready to laugh as you watch them try to sip the undrinkable drink
  • Caramel Onion Dessert: Fool your family with an after dinner dessert they won’t be ready for. Buy a bag of yellow onions and dip them in caramel sauce. Let dry and place popsicle sticks in the bottom so they appear as caramel apple treats!
  • Classic Rubber Band Trick: Although it may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, watching your kids/spouse’s face when they get splashed with water from the rubber band you put around the faucet never gets old!
  • Googly Eyes: Buy a bag of googly eyes at a craft store and put them on EVERYTHING!
  • Turn Back the Clocks: Change the clocks in your home an hour or two backwards and watch your extra sleepy family start to get ready for the day. Soften the blow of this one by taking them to their favorite breakfast place!


  • iPhone Confusion: Ask to borrow your friend’s iPhone and then change the settings to a foreign language. The look on your friend’s face when you give back the phone will be priceless!
  • Orange Juice Surprise: Swap your friends OJ for a different kind of “orange” juice! Pour Kraft mac and cheese powder in the bottom of the container, fill with water, and place back in the fridge
  • Broken TV: This super easy prank only requires a small piece of tape! Place tape over remote control sensor or gaming console sensor and watch your friend’s hilarious frustration and confusion play out
  • Saran Wrap Tricks: Like a rubber band to a water faucet prank, saran wrap tricks also never get old! Cover your friend’s toilet seat, bedroom door, or even car!
  • Walkway of Cups: When your friend or roommate is out of the house, fill the entire walkway starting at the front door with rows and rows of water cups!


  • Wake up Call: Get to work early and tape an air horn under your colleagues desk chair. They will have an immediate surprise the second they sit down!
  • Break Room Donuts: Surprise your co-workers by placing donuts in the break room in the morning. They will appreciate the nice gesture until they realize the donuts are filled with mayo!
  • Candy Bowl: Does your office break room or reception desk have a candy bowl? Replace whatever treats are in the bowl with a mixture of M&M’s, Reese’s pieces and Skittles!
  • Classic Jim: Whether you’re a fan of “The Office” or not, Jim Halpert played some pretty great office pranks. For this classic Jim joke, wait until a coworker leaves for the night and grab their stapler. Freeze the stapler in jello and place it back on their desk before they get in in the morning!
  • Post It All: This classic yet semi annoying prank will surely have your co-worker busy all morning! Arrive to work early and fill an office friend’s cubicle entirely with post-its!

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