A Good Real Estate Attorney Can Ease Your Mind


Of all the money you’ll spend acquiring a home, one of the best investments will be hiring a good real estate attorney. An experienced real estate attorney will provide a completely different perspective on your home purchase than either your real estate or mortgage professional.

An experienced real estate attorney will protect your interests by ensuring the purchase transaction process is going smoothly, and that all the documents and other elements of the sale are properly prepared and delivered on time. He or she will review purchase contracts and home inspection reports, as well as mortgage and closing documents.

Legal questions

Also, questions may arise during the home-buying process that nobody but a real estate attorney should be answering, such as the discovery by the property surveyor that your prospective neighbor’s fence sits inside your property line, or vice versa.

These scenarios do happen, and an incorrect answer when these situations arise could cause serious problems. When these situations arise, your real estate agent and mortgage professional will likely encourage you to contact a real estate attorney to weigh in on these issues; it’s important that you do as they suggest and discuss the issue with your attorney.

The reason: Over the years, a good real estate attorney has handled many transactions and has experienced any number of issues. He or she will know how to handle them.

Your mortgage professional has likely worked with a number of real estate attorneys and will be able to recommend a good one.

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