How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

Two Young Women in Front of the Computer Talking

Managing your social media presence means more than simply posting on your social accounts. It’s all about listening and engaging.

However, establishing a strong, consistent social media presence while running a business (not to mention having a personal life) may be more than you can manage without help. If you can’t hire a personal assistant, maybe a virtual assistant will do the trick.

There are basically three different types of social media tools: one that focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM); one that keeps you informed of social media happenings that impact on your business; and one that manages all your social media accounts.

Social-media tools

Top-ranking CRM solutions include Spredfast and Sendible. To monitor the social buzz that may impact your business, opt for Sysomos or Brandwatch; Mediafeedia and Sprout Social will manage all your social media accounts in one spot.

If you need help composing posts, Breeze Social, which handles all three of your social media needs, includes talking points for you. And Hootsuite manages all your posts to all the platforms on all your devices. It comes highly recommended by many small-business people.

Most social media tools do not come cheap; however, many do offer free trials. You need think about your requirements before you start researching tools, and do ensure you have quantifiable objectives you wish to achieve through your use of social media. For example, do you wish to drive people to your website or enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

For general information on social media tools, try and

If you’re serious about growing your social media presence (and maintaining a personal life), you’ll find social media management tools more than worth it.

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