Soon, You Too Can Own the Smartest House on the Block

American House

Thanks to our high-tech society, our homes may soon be smarter than we are. Technology is already connecting our smartphones to appliances and programming robotic butlers to do routine household chores. Besides making household tasks easier, many “smart” home innovations also make our homes safer and more energy efficient.

For example, Nest Labs markets a smart thermostat that adjusts temperature settings based on individual usage patterns. The device cuts energy usage by about 20 percent. A variety of smart lock systems on the market enable keyless entry and allow you to customize and monitor other people’s access to your home. There are also sensors that monitor moisture levels, detect motion in a home, and let you know about changes in temperature, air quality, or motion. Here are just a few of the futuristic products that may soon become available:

  1. Bathroom fixtures that monitor your vital signs.
  2. A waterless washing machine  that cleans with ultrasonic waves and uses a built-in solar panel to charge it.
  3. A TV that becomes transparent when it’s off.

Currently, smart products are more expensive than their traditional counterparts; they raise issues of security, privacy, and compatibility; and many people are reluctant to add more apps and digital services to their lives.

However, the tech industry is confident about the future of smart home accessories. Soon, you too can own the “smartest” home on the block.

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