Make Yours a Welcome Housewarming Gift


Pity the new homeowner; he or she has just received yet another package of gift soaps. Or a third box of department store candies.

Don’t make this mistake. You can distinguish yourself as a thoughtful guest by bringing new homeowners something different: An item they’ll like … and need. OK, money isn’t particularly different, but if you’re a good friend, this – or a gift card to the local home improvement store – can be a very welcome gift. Earmark it: “For your bathroom remodel” or “To go toward your new kitchen.”

For apartment dwellers turned homeowners, consider a toolkit. It doesn’t have to be expensive; include a good hammer and screwdriver then fill the kit with inexpensive items such as different sizes of nails and screws, picture hangers, a level, etc. Add a how-to book, and your friends will be thrilled.

Personalize. Consider a key chain with the homeowners’ initials, or a monogramed door knocker. Even a welcome mat can be personalized with a fun image, poem, or saying. offers some ingenious suggestions in an article entitled, “17 Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want.” Some Buzzfeed ideas: An attractive fire extinguisher available in a range of bright colors to match their new kitchen; a wall outlet with a built-in charger for their smartphones; and a tree-in-a-bag that your friends can plant and have fun watching grow.

Buying a home is stressful enough without trying to figure out where to store dumb housewarming gifts. Make yours the one they’ll remember, and love.

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