Annual Mortgage Reviews

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Typically, I like to do an annual mortgage review with my clients if I believe my services can be beneficial and save them money.  You may wonder if it’s a good time to have your mortgage reviewed as well.  I’ve compiled a list of circumstances that would warrant a discussion with a lending professional to talk about financial goals and what to do next.

  1. A recent change in family status such as a new baby, recently married, divorced, etc.
  2. A change in employment or income.
  3. A need to set funds aside for a major event such as a wedding, college education, trip or major purchase.
  4. A review with your financial planner has shown you need to earmark more funds to retirement to reach your goals.
  5. You plan to move to a different home in the next 1-2 years.
  6. You have finished or are planning a home improvement project.
  7. Analyzing the possibility of dropping mortgage insurance if applicable.
  8. Interest in purchasing an investment property or second home in the near future.

Contact me today and we can discuss your options and what is the best decision for your life!

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