Happy Mortgage Customers at Inlanta Mortgage


Every month we survey our loan customers to get feedback on their home buying or refinancing experience. So what makes our customers happy? After reviewing all the surveys received from customers in 2013, we noticed that happy clients consistently referred to the following key behaviors that Inlanta loan officers showcase:

  1. Communication – Timely and Constant:
    Whether you are buying or refinancing, our customers appreciate being kept up-to-date on their loan status. From the moment an application is received to the final clear to close approval, our loan officers consistently communicate with our borrowers. Here is one testimonial: “Our loan officer treated us like we were her only client. She responded to multiple phone calls and emails very quickly. She even got back to us on the weekend!”
  2. Speed – Quick Closings:
    No one likes to wait! At Inlanta we have streamlined our loan process to ensure we close your loan on the requested date. In many cases, our homebuyers are closing in 30 days or less. Here is a testimonial on the speed in which our loan officers and staff strive to close your loan: “The loan officer was phenomenal to work with. She exceeded our expectations and made the process painless. We closed 30 days after making the offer to the seller. I do not think any other lending service could have made that happen for us.”
  3. Flexible Hours & Scheduling:
    In today’s fast paced world, we realize our borrowers don’t always have time for a traditional meeting in our offices. It is often much more convenient for our loan officers to meet their borrowers where they live, work, etc. Here is a testimonial from one borrower who appreciated that flexibility: “Fast, professional and willing to work around my schedule, not theirs. This made my home buying experience a breeze. I will use them for all financing needs.”
  4. Access to Technological Tools:
    Today, many more borrowers prefer to handle business online. While our loan officers can still take the traditional route and walk borrowers through a full mortgage application, many borrowers want to fill out their application online and save time. Inlanta offers online applications, secure document transfers and instant chat options that enable a borrower to complete almost everything from the comfort of their home.
  5. Knowledge of the Mortgage Industry & Process:
    A loan officer’s knowledge of the mortgage industry, available loan programs and the loan process is essential to a smooth home buying experience. Here is a testimonial one of our loan officers received in regards to her knowledge: “The loan officer’s knowledge of all the assorted details that needed to be dealt with throughout the entire process made getting a loan easy and painless.”
  6. Referrals to Industry Partners:
    Since Inlanta Mortgage has been in the mortgage lending business for more than 20 years, our staff has developed relationships with true professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry. Whether its a contractor referral or a Realtor, Inlanta loan officers seek to align themselves with and recommend the very best.
  7. Access to Loan Products:
    The variety of loan programs a lender offers makes a difference. Inlanta is proud to offer a number of loan programs that many of our competitors do not, including VA loans, USDA loans, renovation loans (both FHA 203k and HomeStyle), Jumbo and more. Inlanta has strong relationships with many investors which translates to more options for borrowers! Here is a testimonial on the importance of having options: “I went to two other mortgage companies prior to going to Inlanta. Both of them denied me for a loan. Inlanta, however, was able to make it happen!”

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