Finally, a Justification for Craving Sugar


Sweet lovers may finally have a scapegoat for their cravings.

According to several research studies, a craving for sweet treats can be explained physiologically.

  • Studies have suggested that cravings for carb-rich foods come from a need to affect one’s neurotransmitters, especially in obese individuals or those with eating disorders.
  • Certain meals may also create a desire for something sweet. A dinner rich in protein, for example, may have the eater rooting around for something sugary afterwards.
  • Sugar is addictive. A Connecticut college professor and students found that Oreo cookies proved as addictive as cocaine to lab rats. The cookies activated more neurons in the rat brains’ pleasure centers than exposure to addictive drugs. Meanwhile, other research has shown that “going off” sugar can lead to the same neurological symptoms as those generated by a withdrawal from alcohol, nicotine, or morphine.

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