Beat Back Pain: Think Ergonomically

Man Rubbing His Shoulder Muscle

Those of us who suffer from back pain don’t suffer alone. Up to 90 percent of the North American population have experienced an incident of back pain at some point in their lives, thanks mainly to sedentary work styles. In some, it’s chronic, affecting lives and jobs. And today’s mobile employees – who work in untraditional spaces – are still very much at risk

Although they aren’t tied to offices, many mobile workers are likely to choose a table and a comfy chair, or even worse, their laps. Their postures are ergonomic nightmares and likely to cause them back pain. To counter this, experts suggest:

  • Get up from your computer and move around.
  • Don’t slouch. Keep your feet flat on the floor, your back straight, and your chair adjusted to the proper height.
  • Be sure you choose a comfortable office-type chair.
  • Sleep doesn’t just relax you, it relaxes your back muscles. Invest in a good pillow and a supportive mattress.
  • Your feet affect alignment, so support them; buy well-fitting, comfortable footwear.

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