Businesses Take Note: Front-Line Staff Can Differentiate You

Woman with Shopping Bags

Checkout hassle happens more often than retailers like. And as the public grows increasingly accustomed to ordering online with just a few clicks, waiting to check out has become a first-class pain.

Innovative retailers are working on it, and every company owner can learn from their research.

Retailers are now complementing adequate staffing with up-to-date point-of-sale technology and well-trained personnel at checkout to provide customers with the kind of shopping experience that will make them want to come back.

Workers become a differential feature

These days, training employees to deliver personal service is one of the hottest methods for making the checkout process less onerous. Even more important, it turns front-line workers into a vital differential feature from the online experience.

Checkout staff are encouraged to thank each customer for choosing their store and offer the customer a personalized coupon. As well, the retailer may send relevant e-coupons after store visits as part of customer loyalty programs.

Staff not needed for checkout become customer resources, connecting to the customer, suggesting add-on products, and offering insights on product features. It cuts back on the research shoppers must do online and encourages immediate purchases.

Happy customers are less impatient

Retailers have found the idea of front-line customer resource staff makes most customers feel good about shopping. Shoppers who feel good about their in-store experiences are happier, less impatient at checkout, and more likely to return.

It’s the value-added experience that makes the difference – something all businesses can provide, if they think about it.

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