It’s Not Your Mother’s Job Market Now


Cultural shifts, new technologies, and changing demographics have revolutionized the job market in the last few decades. In the 1990s, for example, the economy boomed, and corporate profits exploded; jobs in industry, service, technology, and finances were plentiful.

Today, the focus has shifted, and many traditional jobs are disappearing. According to Thomas Frey, futurist and author of Communicating with the Future, it’s all about what the future wants; jobs that don’t fit may not have a future. 

For those that do, openings abound. The health care industry, for example, is hotter than ever, and Big Data managers can write their own tickets. As Meghan Casserly writes in a recent Forbes article: “Businesses are compiling data in droves – and hiring experts to make sense of it.

Many of the new jobs address new needs and are likely to be filled by younger applicants, according to a recent study by Workopolis. However, not everyone would agree.

Charles Purdy, senior editor for, is quoted in Forbes as follows: “I don’t believe that new needs have been created. We’ve just created new ways and adopted new technologies to get them done.” 

Following is a Forbes list of some hot new jobs: App developer, Market research data miner, Educational or admissions consultant, Millennial generational expert, Social media manager, Chief listening officer, Cloud computing service provider, Elder care provider, and Sustainability expert.

But it doesn’t end there. If you’re interested in becoming a wind farm engineer or a Zumba teacher, your time is now.

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