Buying a House in Winter


Spring and summer are the most active real estate months. While that might limit the number of homes on the market during the winter, there are several advantages to buyin a house in winter.

Benefits of Buying a House in Winter

  1. Industry Professionals Have More Availability – Since Realtors are showing fewer houses in the winter, they have more time to focus on your home search. Lenders have less files in process, so the process may move faster. Movers are more likely to offer lower rates or discounts during winter months. The financial benefits of buying a house in the winter can add up.
  2. Get a Seasonal Perspective – While touring houses in the winter you are able to check several features that you can’t during the summer. Does the home feel too cold? Are there obvious drafts? Does the heating system work? Is there ice build up on the roof? You might not be able to determine these things on a summer day.
  3. Sellers Under Pressure – With less offers coming in during the winter, sellers may be more amenable to lower offers or may be willing to include special perks (furniture, window treatments, etc.). In addtion, since there are fewer home shoppers you are less likely to be caught in a bidding war.

The financial benefits of buying a house in the winter can add up! Help your house hunting process by getting a pre-approval. A pre-approval is generally required by Realtors when submitting your purchase offer.

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