Getting a VA Loan


VA Mortgage Loans

VA mortgage loans are designed to help our nation’s veterans purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage. VA loans are a great option for eligible veterans because there is no down payment requirement, qualifying requirements are less restrictive than conventional loans and private mortgage insurance is not required.

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website to determine if you are eligible. Spouses of veterans may also qualify under specific circumstances.

VA Mortgage Loan Process

1. Contact me to get started.

2. Get a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) – A COE verifies that you meet eligibility requirements for a VA loan. In most cases, I can access and obtain your COE through an internet-based application (Web LGY) in a matter of seconds.

3. Find a Realtor – A Realtor can help you find a home and negotiate a purchase agreement.

4. Complete Your Loan Application – Work with me to complete your loan application and gather required documentation (bank statements, pay stubs, W2s).

5. Loan Processing – An appraisal will be ordered from a state-licensed real estate appraiser and I will begin to process all your application and documentation. I will review all your information and confirm that the appraisal meets the market value requirements for a VA home loan guaranty.

7. Loan Approval & Closing – After reviewing the property appraisal and your credit, income and asset documentation, I can make a decision to approve or deny. Approved loans move towards closing. Title company representatives or attorneys conduct the closing – which is where the property is transferred to you!

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