Fall is the Time to Organize & De-Clutter Your Home


Some like spring cleaning; others, spurred by the start of a new school year and need for a fresh start, prefer to organize in the fall. If you’re in the latter category, don’t wait for spring. The time to sort and declutter is now.

The number one thing on your to-do list? Make a to-do list. Write down each task, decide your top priorities, and rank them in order of importance. Now start tackling priority items in small groups. Doing three things a day is more manageable and less stress-inducing than covering your whole list in a day.

When it comes to playing the game of “toss or keep,” be ruthless. Organization experts suggest that if you’re having a hard time letting go of certain items, ask yourself if you care enough to move with them. If you don’t, give them to charity – but not stained or ripped clothing; this should always be tossed.

Don’t forget your kitchen and bathroom – reorganizing these spaces can help improve their efficiency. Bring frequently used items to the front of cupboards and shift others to the back. Sort through your medicine chest and take items that have expired to the pharmacy where they will be properly disposed of.

Your computer also deserves a decluttering. Sort items on your desktop, deleting old files, and backing up important items such as photos and tax information to your hard drive. Your computer will run more efficiently.

Finally, celebrate reaching the end of your list. And face the upcoming holidays relaxed.

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