Going Away? Be Smart With Your Phone

Dialing a Cell Phone
Your bags are packed, airline tickets have been booked and you’re off to the airport…it’s vacation time!  You’ve spent so much effort planning for this exciting experience and making sure your belongings are safe, but do you always think about your phone?

Here are a few tips that, according to McClatchy-Tribune News Service, will help keep your cellphone and your personal data information safe while you’re on vacation:

  • Hide it.  If your phone can’t be seen, it’s less likely to be stolen.
  • Password protect it.  A password lock on your phone can help prevent people from finding out personal information should your phone go missing.
  • Back it up.  If your phone goes missing, but you’ve backed it up at home, your information will be safe.
  • Be wary of connecting it.  Some Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth connections can actually help thieves access your personal information.  If you’re not using the services, turn them off.

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