Latest Tech Tools Help Boost Your Business Productivity

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If you wish to seize new opportunities, you will need the right tools for each task.  Several popular tech devices and apps help to track work, bill clients and get paid.  They can also help overcome the bookkeeping entanglements that impede success.

Many small business owners are using cloud accounting to simplify their bookkeeping.  An especially “trendy” platform is FreshBooks, which allows online access by both you and your bookkeeper.  This program can send invoices and accept online payments.  A little bookkeeping management assures that all sales and expenses are recorded in order to make the financial information you need available anywhere with Internet access.

Organizing receipts for recording expenses is often a dreaded chore.  With the NeatReceipts scanner, you can organize paper receipts to assure that future bookkeeping entries are accurate.  NeatMobile accomplishes the same mission using your iPhone or Android device.  Another hot item for consultants and professionals who track billable time is HourTracker.  This app can track time by day, week, month, or project; and you can export the data for easy billing.

The latest trend for obtaining fast payment from customers is using Square, which turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a mobile payment system using a plug-in accessory to swipe credit cards and record payments.  Meanwhile, the newest vogue for accepting online payments by credit card without a merchant account is Stripe.  It functions like PayPal or Google Checkout, by charging a fee only when you get paid, and you incur no monthly fees or setup charges.

Spending time more productively by deploying fashionable technology keeps your business growing and eliminates the pain of managing financial details.

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