5 Great Housewarming Gifts


Have you recently been invited to a housewarming party? While many of us love sharing in our friends’ and families’ excitement with their new home – many of us dread selecting a housewarming gift. What should do you bring?

5 Top Housewarming Gift Ideas

Here is a quick list of housewarming gifts sure to charm your host and hostess:

  1. Wine Accessories Kit – Assuming your host or hostess partakes in the art of wine consumption, a stainless steel wine accessories kit is a delightful gift.
  2. Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Include handwritten instructions on seasoning and cleaning cast iron so that your gift will be a non-stick solution that lasts a lifetime.
  3. Personalized Aprons & Other Kitchen Accessories – Your friends or family members will enjoy sporting a customized apron that touts their cooking prowess.
  4. Herb Garden Kit – Whether the green thumb on your list has a full-scale garden or a tiny window box, there are a variety of herb garden kits on the market that are sure to impress your host or hostess.
  5. Throw Blankets – A cozy blanket for the sofa is a great gift that comes in a variety of styles and prices – to suit you and your host or hostess’ needs.

Personalized Housewarming Gift

Are you looking for something more pesonalized? Try making one of these housewarming gift baskets, filled with household items that every first time homeowner needs!

A housewarming party is a great time to celebrate one of life’s greatest joys, owning a home!

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