Online Gurus Teach Gen Ys to Watch Their Ps and Qs

In these days of instant technological gratification, manners appear irrelevant.  Cellphones, Twitter and Facebook seem to be wiping out civility and replacing it with impatient and crabby technology users.  Fortunately, our tech-savvy generation has not been abandoned; a new breed of etiquette gurus and attentive arbiters have appeared, and they’re putting manners back on the radar, according to New York Times reporter, Alex Williams.

Things as common as how to shake hands may be foreign to Gen Ys.  But, fortunately, online tutorials and videos are ensuring today’s generation puts its best food – or hand – forward.

No facet of modern life is too arcane for these gurus to consider, says Williams.  There are even videos that explain how to behave at a drive-in window.  “[And] there are more than 500 videos on the momentous subject of how to properly set the dinner table,” he adds.

Most important is the Internet itself and how to behave while using it.  This is called “netiquette,” and it’s the social code of network communication:  Should you use emoticons in business emails?  Is it a good idea to limit baby picture postings?

With so much going on technologically  these days, users don’t want to be shamed by doing or saying the wrong thing; this is where the new netiquette gurus are cashing in.

So, if you’re wondering whether to re-tweet your favorite team’s tweets 30 times a day, or text your crush immediately after your first date, don’t worry:  there’s a website, channel or video for that.

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