Safety Tips for Summer Grilling

If your summers are anything like mine, they are filled with family, friends, fun and barbecuing.  It’s important to know that not just anyone should be in charge of the grill, however.  Grill fires are very common and can cause an even bigger problem in dry, hot weather.  Follow these helpful safety tips from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association to ensure safe grilling all summer long.

  1. Be prepared for a fire.  Always plan for the unexpected.  Keep a box of baking soda next to your grill incase the flames get wild.  It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher or bag of sandy handy for larger grill fires.  It’s important to know that throwing water on a grease fire will actually irritate it further instead of put it out.
  2. Dress wisely.  Don’t wear any article of clothing that has hanging strings or overly long shirttails.  Also, ladies with long hair, pull it back in a ponytail.  Make sure to use flame retardant grill mitts as well!
  3. Turn the grill off when finished.  Before sitting down to feast with the family, turn off the burners on the grill and cut off the gas flow.  Charcoal grills should be completely cooled before closing the top and leaving it alone.

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