Maintaining Your Yard During Summer

If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your free time outdoors during the summer, and want to fully enjoy your yard.  I’ve compiled three simple tips for creating and maintaining a fun and beautiful yard that you will be proud of!

Plant Wisely
If you don’t have a natural green thumb, I’d highly recommend talking to a professional when choosing which flowers to plant.  Make sure you pick flowers that are local to your area so they are accustomed to the climate and are good in both shade and sunshine.  The more you know about flowers before planting, the more successful you will be at growing them.  The same goes for herb and vegetable gardens. Certain veggies should not be planted next to each other because they produce bitter or undesirable flavors.  Do your research before planting!

Decorate Creatively
No doubt you will be entertaining friends and family this summer, so your backyard should be equipped for a barbecue, pool party or campfire.  You can decorate on a dime by shopping at cost-friendly stores like Target and Menards for chair cushions and pillows, cocktail glasses, barbecue tools, pool toys and serving ware.  Hang some twinkle lights for a relaxing feel, and don’t forget the decorative citronella candles for those pesky mosquitos!

Mow Less
Lots of people choose to mow their lawns once a week to keep it neat and trim, but this could result in a serious problem for your yard.  If your grass isn’t long enough, it can lose moisture much faster, leading to brown, dead grass.  Keeping your grass a little longer can also prevent weeds from popping up by providing natural shade, which will save you money on weed killers!

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