Mortgage Myths Debunked

There is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding mortgages. By debunking the following mortgage myths we hope to help new home buyers better understand and approach the home buying process.

1. Minimum Down Payment is 5% – There are a number loan programs available that allow home buyers to put down less than 5%. Contact a licensed mortgage loan officer to discuss low down payment options (including FHA) and no down payment options (USDA and VA).

2. Bankruptcies Not Allowed – Each loan program has specific requirements regarding the length of time that must have passed since the completion of your bankruptcy. Contact a licensed mortgage loan officer to determine which loan program is best for your unique financial situation.

3. Pre-Approvals Guarantee a Complete Loan Approval – While a pre-approval indicates you are qualified for a mortgage, a number of things can derail your financing before your actual closing date. During the formal loan process, underwriters thoroughly check your income, assets, and debt. If you run up credit card balances or lose your job before closing – your financing can fall through. Be careful with your finances during the loan process to ensure a smooth closing.

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