Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, now what?  Maintaining your home requires planning and organization.  I’ve compiled a list of indoor and outdoor projects to get your house back into shape!

Outdoor Projects

  • Clean and sharpen garden tools.  They’re probably dull and dirty from last year’s labor, so give them a good scrub to maintain quality.
  • Replace damaged outdoor lighting.  Check deck lights, entryway lights, uplighting, landscape lighting, etc. for burnt out bulbs.
  • Inspect your roof for winter damage.  De-clog your gutters and repair loose shingles while you’re up there!
  • Check the condition of outdoor hoses/sprinkler systems.  You’ll be watering your lawn again before you know it, so you better make sure that hose doesn’t have a leak!

Indoor Projects

  • Have a professional inspect your air conditioning system.  To make sure your AC is functioning without using more energy than it needs, always as a pro to make sure it’s installed alright and that it is running adequately.
  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms.  Most batteries last several years before going bad, but press that test button just in case.
  • Review your fire escape plan.  Make sure your home has at least two exits to use in case of a fire.
  • Spring cleaning!  Dust, vacuum, mop, organize, and throw away things you are no longer using.  Wash linens, blankets, pillows, reusable shower curtains and your kids toys.  Don’t forget to clean blinds, air vents and fan blades too!

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