2013 Marks 20 Year Anniversary for Inlanta

A Look Back at 1993

The past twenty years can’t be summed up easily. There are so many things we take for granted today that didn’t exist twenty years ago. Recognizing these things really helps to put Inlanta’s twenty year history into perspective. It helps us see where we have come from and how likely changing technologies will be to shape our future.

What’s the Internet?

In 1993 the internet, as we know it, didn’t exist. In fact, the business world and media were just beginning to take notice of the internet and recognize its potential value. It’s hard to imagine a life without web-based email, Amazon, Ebay, Google, etc. We are so highly dependent on the internet for communications, shopping, research, entertainment and more!

As the video above shows, we’ve come a long way from dial-up! From accepting mortgage loan applications to transferring documents securely from the comfort of our own homes – the internet has streamlined our industry’s processes immensely.

My 18 Year Anniversary

I’ve personally been in business with Inlanta Mortgage for 18 years now.  When I started, we only had one computer per branch.  Credit reports were printed on thermal paper and we spent between $2,000-$3,000 a month to pay for overnight delivery of documents.  It’s remarkable to think that if we didn’t have the technology resources so readily available today, we would never be able to operate our business or compete with other lenders today.

Other News from 1993

Although the development of the internet is arguably one of the most important events of 1993, here are something other facts about this momentous year:

•Bill Clinton was sworn in as President

•NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavour

•Beanie Babies were introduced to the world

•World Trade Center car bombing

Where were you in 1993?  What were you doing and how did the internet and other key events change your life?

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