If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

It probably is.  While reading a newspaper last week, an interesting article caught my eye.  It warned that text message scams aimed at obtaining peoples personal information are becoming more popular.  In order to acquire personal info, the text will state that you’ve won a free gift card from a big retailer and you need to respond to collect your prize.  After responding, it will most likely direct you to a fraudulent website that asks you to enter your name, phone number and address, among other pieces of personal information.  The term is called “smishing” – scams that are performed via text message.

The information collected either gets sent to advertisers to target you with more ads or leads to stealing your money or identity.  Chances are, you may have already received a few of these texts.  If you do receive one of these scam text messages, don’t respond to it or open any links attached.  Texting “No,” or “Stop,” will not opt you out of their mailing list, it will only verify that you have a working phone number.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you can forward these texts to 7726 (or SPAM) which will “alert your cellphone carrier to block future texts from those numbers.”  You can also go to the Better Business Bureau website at bbb.org/scam-stop-per for more information.

(Source: Gift Cards With a Catch by Emily Glazer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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